Venue Sourcing

Before the invitations, you need a venue …

Choosing the perfect venue or location is a huge part of having a successful party – indoor our outdoor, you need a space that is the right size, with all the amenities and a great vibe!

If you choose not to have your party at home and you need a venue or outdoor location, our venue sourcing service will save you time and money!

Searching for the perfect venue can be time consuming, confusing and take the gloss of the excitement of planning a party!

With our years of party planning expertise, we know how to sort through all the jargon, costs, packages, booking policies, restrictions … and so much more that venues may throw at you when you make an initial enquiry.

Depending on your party theme, guest list and budget, we’ll do all the searching for you. We’ll narrow down your choices and provide you with a shortlist of 3-5 suitable venues or locations. You’ll then be full of confidence that you have the right place to host your perfect party.

OK, let’s get started … tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do the work for you